August 8, 2011 - what's in your electricity supply mix?

Monday, August 8, 2011

What kinds of generation resources make up your electricity supply mix?  While the answers differ across suppliers and over time, the question of what's in your generation basket can affect not only the price you pay for power but also the environmental attributes of the power used to satisfy your demand.

Customers have an interest in understanding which generation resources are in their energy mix.  In states like Maine, electricity suppliers and utilities have been required to provide customers mailings containing information on the resource mix.  By looking at this data over time (like this August 2010 mailing, this November 2010 mailing, and this July 2011 mailing), customers can understand not only what they've been buying but how it is changing over time.

Now, in a notice of proposed rulemaking (26 page PDF), the Maine Public Utilities Commission proposes to repeal its rule requiring competitive electricity providers and transmission and distribution utilities to provide quarterly mailings with supply mix information.  This follows on the heels of a 2011 law change by the Maine State Legislature which opened up more flexibility in how these suppliers must make supply mix information available.

The Maine PUC is entertaining comments on its proposal until September 9, 2011.  Will the new rule require (or allow) suppliers to make supply mix information available in electronic or online formats in lieu of paper mailings?

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