Maine's offshore wind test sites

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Within the next several years, three sites off the coast of Maine may see offshore wind tests and pilot projects.  In December 2009, the Maine Ocean Energy Task Force selected three sites -- waters near the island of Monhegan, Boon Island and Damariscove Island -- as test sites for offshore wind development.

Looking northeast from Griffith Head, Reid State Park, Maine.
Plans to develop these sites remain pending.

The Monhegan site (PDF map) lies about 2 miles south of the island, and runs about 2 miles square near the edge of Maine's state territorial waters.  At the Monhegan site, the DeepCWind Consortium, a group led by the University of Maine, plans to develop a scale-model floating platform and test turbine about 2 miles south of the island.

The Damariscove site (PDF map) lies southwest of uninhabited Damariscove Island, about halfway between Damariscove and Seguin Island off the mouth of the Kennebec River.

The Boon Island site (PDF map) lies about 2 miles south of that island, off the town of York on the southern coast near Kennebunkport.

What will the coming years bring to these sites?  The Monhegan site may see its first floating turbine deployed in 2012.

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