September 14, 2010 - net-zero modular homes; questions about electric vehicles

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A waterfall deep in the Maine woods.
This energy of this river was formerly used for log drives.

  • I've been following the bidding war to buy Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse on the edge of Casco Bay in Maine.  Just as the bidding was set to close yesterday, a new bid came in for $185,000 -- giving other bidders another 24 hours to raise the stakes.  We'll see what happens!

  • This Portland Press Herald article by Tom Walsh notes that plug-in electric vehicles rely on grid-purchased electricity to run, meaning that their fuel costs and that fuels' emissions characteristics will be determined by the policies affecting the overall electricity generation mix.  Interestingly, he links former Maine Governor Angus King's current interest in land-based wind generation to Governor King's support for electricity market deregulation -- and the ISO-NE policies that mean that all resources get paid the marginal price of the last unit needed to clear to support load.

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