September 15, 2010 - the debate over wind

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In response to Naomi Schalit's series of articles on wind energy development in Maine, Maine Renewable Energy Association executive director Jeremy Payne wrote a guest column for the Bangor Daily News.  Mr. Payne notes the role wind power already plays in the Maine economy, including $750 million in invested capital, $105 million in wages paid to Maine residents, and $95 million in community benefits to host communities, let alone future possibilities.  He also cites the environmental benefits of wind, and the ambitious state policies in favor of renewable resources.  Finally, he cites a study which concluded that 88% of Maine residents are in favor of wind power.

Another guest column by Clyde MacDonald calls "Maine's rush to develop wind power ... ill-advised".  He suggests Maine should look to Europe's experimentation with wind, which he interprets as a failure.  Mr. MacDonald asserts, "the governments of every European country that has tried it [wind power] have discontinued their subsidies."  He points to the high cost of wind, and the even higher costs of offshore wind.  He also raises the linkage between renewable policy and transmission policy.  Mr. MacDonald was formerly an aide to U.S. Senators Edmund Muskie and George Mitchell.

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