September 16, 2010 - electric vehicles; Sugarloaf's efficient snowmaking

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today, a look at several recent articles about electric vehicles.  First, an article by Tom Walsh entitled "Why electric cars aren’t right for Mainers — right now".  He cites the high price of electricity in Maine, which he attributes in part to deregulation and the ISO New England price-making methodology in which all resources are paid the clearing price of the last resource needed to cover load.

Second, a counterpoint by Milt Gross, who suggests that electricity is still much cheaper than gasoline in his experience, even when customers choose (as he did) to source their power from 100% renewable competitive electricity providers -- something empowered by deregulation.

Finally, a pair of letters to the editor about alternative energy: one supporting wind power as a constructive solution to energy and environmental problems, and another urging for the development of a hydrogen fuel market powered by renewable hydropower.

Maine ski area Sugarloaf is continuing to install high-efficiency snowmaking equipment, in addition to proposing a terrain expansion onto Burnt Mountain.

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