November 3, 2010 - New Hampshire dam removal

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dam removal activities are ongoing across the country, and New Hampshire dam removals are among them.  Continuing my survey of dams being removed: today, a look at recent and potential future dam removal activity in New Hampshire.  (If you're looking for Maine dam removal information, check out my post here.)

Photo: a half-forgotten cemetery hidden in the woods just off the beaten track.

According to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, the following New Hampshire rivers have seen dams removed in the last decade:
  • Ashuelot River, McGoldrick Dam, Hinsdale (Removed, 2001)
  • Ashuelot River, Winchester Dam, Winchester (Removed, 2002)
  • Bearcamp River, Bearcamp River Dam, South Tamworth (Removed, 2003)
  • Bellamy River, Bellamy River Dam #5, Dover (Removed, 2004)
  • Contoocook River, West Henniker Dam, Henniker (Removed, 2004)
  • Tioga River, Badger Pond Dam, Belmont (Breached, 2004)
  • Champlin Pond Dam and Champlin Farm Pond Dam, Rochester (Removed, 2005)
  • Pearl Lake Brook, Pearl Lake Brook Dam, Lisbon (Removed 2007)
  • Souhegan River, Merrimack Village Dam, Merrimack (Removed 2008)
  • Black Brook, Maxwell Pond Dam, Manchester (Removed 2009)
  • Winnicut River, Winnicut River Dam, Greenland (Removed 2009)
To this list, we can add at least one 2010 removal:
  • Ashuelot River, Homestead Woolen Mill Dam, West Swanzey

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