August 31, 2010 - dam removal; biodiesel

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seen on the road: this soda distribution truck is "powered by BIODIESEL".

I'm following the dam removal projects on the Elwha River on the Olympics Peninsula in Washington.  One component of the $351 million river restoration project is the removal of two dams for about $40 million to $60 million: Elwha Dam (108' tall) and Glines Canyon Dam (210' tall).  Glines Canyon Dam is located within the boundaries of Olympic National Park.  This will be the nation's largest dam removal project to date.

Here's the National Park Service's website about the Elwha River Restoration project.

Dam removal is a hot topic.  Arguments in favor of dam removal typically include safety, fish passage, and water quality problems caused by some dams.  On the other side, arguments for keeping dams in place include mandates to generate local renewable power and flood control.

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