July 7, 2010 - it's hot

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quick update today. It is hot in New England, and I have a few news stories that are thematically linked to the heat.

First, NOAA reports that warmer nearshore waters are drawing sharks closer to land in New England -- including the great white shark.

Second, speaking of hot: what if the world got hot enough to melt the polar ice caps? Check out this interesting Salon.com interview with Peter D. Ward, author of [i]The Flooded Earth: Our Future in a World Without Ice Caps[/i].

Following on yesterday's note of Earth First protests in Maine: three protesters of TransCanada's Kibby Mountain wind project expansion were arrested yesterday, one of whom attached herself to a truck hauling a windmill blade.

In rail news: Maine won $35 million in federal stimulus money for rehabilitation and expansion of Amtrak's Downeaster passenger train service to Brunswick, meaning there will soon be passenger rail from Brunswick to all points south and west.

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