Thursday, February 4, 2010

Did you know that Maine is the "Saudi Arabia of forestry"? That's the word Governor Baldacci is spreading after his meeting with President Obama yesterday. Good for Maine, since we're also the "Saudi Arabia of wind". Saudi Arabia may have the largest proven reserves of oil, but Canada is second -- so what is Maine the "Canada of"? Are we the "Iraq of ocean energy" (fourth)? How about the "Kazakhstan of hydro" (eleventh)? (Definitely not.)

I get a kick out of some of the comments on yesterday's BDN story about First Wind's test towers on Bowers Mountain, like the satirical "Maine cedes the Northeast to First Wind". Check out the comment from 2/3/10 at 7:52 AM by "deanhornblower":
Maine cedes the Northeast to First Wind
...State of Firstwindiana
Governor: Matt Kearns

Statehood: Created in 2010 as "Emergency" legislation by the Maine Legislature

Boundaries: Penobscot River to the Canadian border, from the northern shores of the Grand Lakes of Eastern Maine to Southern Aroostook.

Capitol: Prentiss, centrally located and in honor of Stetson I: "where the revolution began"

State Flag: GE 1.5 MW turbine on a "green" background

State Bird: Clubbed and Mangled Bald Eagle

State Animal: Barotraumatized Bat

State Tree: Whatever is left standing after being run over by a H C Haynes skidder

State Song: "We're in the Money"

State Motto: "Big Wind, Big Lie, Forever!"

Not my words folks, nor is any of it true, but I suspect many (other than First Wind) will find it funny.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, the Obama administration continues to speak of "caps" on carbon emissions.

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