Friday, February 5, 2010

Following up on the old elm tree "Herbie" that recently died in Yarmouth, Maine: turns out Herbie was 217 years old. It will be interesting to see what Herbie's growth rings show about how the climate in Maine has changed since 1793.

Here's a logic puzzle for you. Maine : "Saudi Arabia of wind" :: Texas : ________? How about "net loser of jobs in a clean energy economy"? A study by Navigant Consulting commissioned by the renewable-energy group RES Alliance for Jobs, concludes that a federal renewable energy standard of 25% renewable by 2025 would lead to 274,000 new jobs nationwide -- but that under current state policies on renewable energy, Texas would lose jobs while other states like California would be the big winners.

The Obama administration is pushing biofuels. The administration has renewed its commitment to getting the country to produce (and use) 36 billion gallons of biofuels by 2022, a goal originally set by Congress in 2007.

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