New York's 2015 Energy Plan

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The state of New York has released a sweeping plan for its energy future, featuring strengthened commitments to clean energy over the next four decades.  The 2015 New York State Energy Plan includes reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, increased generation of renewable energy, and improved energy efficiency.

Article 6 of New York's energy law requires the state's energy planning board to develop period state energy plans.  The state released its two-volume 2015 report on June 25, presenting "a comprehensive strategy to create economic opportunities" in New York based on Governor Andrew Cuomo's previously-announced "Reforming the Energy Vision" or REV program.

Among the 2015 plan's elements are a series of clean energy targets, including a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels; 50% of electricity generation coming from carbon-free renewables; and 600 trillion Btu in energy efficiency gains, which equates to a 23% reduction
from 2012 in energy consumption in buildings.

Whether and how New York will implement its 2015 State Energy Plan remains to be seen.  Notably, the plan was produced by the state's executive branch; it is unclear whether legislators will support or thwart it.  Will the Empire State follow its latest plan?  If so, will it lead to the anticipated economic opportunities?

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