Maine ocean energy roadmaps

Monday, December 17, 2012

A coalition of Maine trade groups has released a pair of comprehensive permitting and regulatory road maps for developers of offshore wind, wave and tidal projects in Maine. The Maine Composites Alliance, Maine Wind Industry Initiative, and Environmental and Energy Technology Council of Maine (E2Tech) prepared these road maps to help steer potential developers and interested parties through federal, state and local laws and regulations applicable for ocean energy projects.

The documents can be obtained here:
Maine Composites Alliance is an alliance of composite businesses that work together to promote Maine's leadership in the international composites industry.  Maine Wind Industry Initiative is a collaborative created to organize Maine wind industry interests, link opportunities to Maine companies, relate industry needs to the state and federal government and act as a communication hub for Maine-based industrial partners in the wind energy industry. E2Tech seeks to build and expand the State's environmental, energy and clean technology sectors through networking and educational events, business development and sustainable job growth projects, and research, development and commercialization initiatives.

Waters off Maine are considered to be home to significant renewable energy resource potential.  Ocean Renewable Power Company has developed a marine hydrokinetic project off Eastport, and Statoil has proposed an offshore wind project off the Maine coast.  The roadmaps released today are designed to illustrate the path forward for offshore wind or MHK projects.  Developing renewable ocean energy projects requires developers to compile permits and approvals under over a dozen federal and state statutes.  Will the current regulatory structures lead to the development of more ocean energy projects off Maine and other U.S. coasts?

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