October 5, 2010 - Connecticut River flooding; Vermont Yankee tries again

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flooding is a major issue for many parts of the country.  It can cause major property damage and loss of life -- or have more moderate effects.  This past week, on the Connecticut River, which forms part of the Vermont-New Hampshire border, flooding has swept up to 100,000 pumpkins into the river.

Also in Vermont, the owners of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant are once again lobbying state legislators and regulators for a license extension.  Without some form of government action, Vermont Yankee will lose its license in 2012.  Vermont presents a unique forum for nuclear re-licensing decisions, as it is the only state to give itself (legislatively) the authority to deny re-licensing petitions.  For nuclear power plants in other states, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission typically wields that power.

In Rumford, Maine, a hearing was held last night to allow citizens to comment on a proposed wind energy siting ordinance.  Wind siting continues to be a significant issue, as municipalities attempt to balance environmental and aesthetic values against business opportunities and the chance to participate in the green economy.

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