Monday, April 5, 2010

Wind power stocks are up, particularly those companies that are "purely" focused on wind -- meaning not the broader utilities like FPL.

Meanwhile, some people are disappointed in small-scale residential and commercial wind projects. Apparently some Skystream turbines aren't generating the kWh that purchasers were expecting. This is something that many observers have been pointing out for years; in fact, Maine's community wind task force noted that the true value of community- or residential-scale wind projects is in promoting awareness and engendering a "clean green" feeling, as opposed to providing substantial economic relief to the homeowner or project owner.

Due to the economic downturn, water utilities are seeing less commercial and industrial use, meaning water rates will rise.

Los Angeles continues to struggle with what to do about increasing rates to fund energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction.

The world's tallest tower, the Dubai's Burj Khalifa, will use solar energy to heat its hot water.

Based on rosy economic projections, oil has hit an 18-month high.

Colorado-based Ascent Solar is developing a new thin-film solar PV technology based on copper, indium and gallium selenide — known as CIGS — on a plastic base.

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