Maine Gov. LePage's 2018 State of the State and energy policy

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Maine Governor Paul R. LePage delivered his final State of the State address this evening. Here's a recap of some of his remarks on energy policy in previous speeches of that sort.
Addendum as of 9 PM: WMTW has posted a transcript of Governor LePage's 2018 State of the State speech on its website, as prepared. That draft covers topics including "skyrocketing property taxes," Medicaid expansion, and fiscal responsibility. It calls for increased investment in Maine and workforce development. It proposes bonds focused on commercializing technologies, as well as on research and development, saying, "We must invest in commercialization as we do in research." However the prepared remarks did not mention energy, nor does it directly reference energy policy.

Nevertheless, the Bangor Daily News reports that his remarks as delivered did address energy, calling for lower energy prices.

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