FERC approves reliability standards, proposes further revisions

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

At its first open meeting following restoration of its quorum, today the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved two final rules and issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking addressing mandatory standards intended to support the resilience and reliability of the nation’s bulk electric system.

One final rule, adopted by Order No. 836, approves revised reliability standards that clarify and consolidate existing requirements related to frequency control.  Through Order No. 836, the Commission approved Reliability Standards for Balancing Authority Control (BAL-005-1) and Facility Interconnection Requirements (FAC-001-3). According to the Commission, the revised standards clarify and consolidate existing requirements related to frequency control, and will support more accurate and comprehensive calculation of Reporting Area Control Error.

The second final rule, adopted by Order No. 837, approves a revised reliability standard on Remedial Action Schemes (PRC-012-2) to ensure that remedial action schemes -- how the grid detects predetermined system conditions and takes corrective actions as needed -- do not introduce unintentional or unacceptable reliability risks to the bulk electric system. The rule establishes a process for reviewing new or modified remedial action schemes before they are implmeneted.  It requires periodic evaluations, tests and operational analyses of each remedial action scheme and an annual update of an area-wide database of remedial action schemes.

The final rules will take effect 60 days after their publication in the Federal Register.

In a similar vein, the Commission also issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposing to adopt four additional revised Emergency Preparedness and Operations reliability standards.  The proposed standards cover Event Reporting (EOP-004-4), System Restoration from Blackstart Resources (EOP-005-3), System Restoration Coordination (EOP-006-3) and Loss of Control Center Functionality (EOP-008-2). According to the Commission, its proposed standards will enhance event reporting, delineate roles and responsibilities for system restoration from blackstart resources, clarify system restoration processes, and refine the required elements of an operating plan used to continue reliable operation of the grid if primary control functionality is lost.

Comments on the NOPR will be due 60 days after its publication in the Federal Register.

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