President Trump's America First Energy Plan

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

With U.S. President Trump now in office, a look at his "America First Energy Plan" suggests potential directions for his administration.

President Trump's energy strategy as posted on the White House website shortly after the inauguration describes energy as "an essential part of American life and a staple of the world economy."  The 7-paragraph document expresses the administration's commitment to policies that reduce consumer costs and "maximize the use of American resources."

Some elements of the Trump plan aim to reverse policies developed by the former Obama administration.  For example, the plan repeats campaign commitments to eliminate federal regulations and policies like the Climate Action Plan and Waters of the U.S. rule.

Other elements focus on domestic energy resources, including "shale oil and gas" and "clean coal technology."  The plan touts both U.S. economic development and national security benefits from increased domestic energy production.

The plan also addresses the nexus of energy and the environment, acknowledging that "our need for energy must go hand-in-hand with responsible stewardship of the environment."  It notes that "President Trump will refocus the EPA on its essential mission of protecting our air and water."

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