Monhegan offshore wind postponed

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Rockland, Maine-based Free Press Online reports that the testing of a scaled-down floating deep-water offshore wind turbine off Monhegan Island this summer has been postponed until 2013.

Dockside, Monhegan.

In 2009, the Maine Ocean Energy Task Force selected a site off Monhegan as an offshore wind test site.  At the site about 2 miles south of the island, the University of Maine-led DeepCWind Consortium plans to develop a one-third scale (about 100' tall) floating platform and test turbine.  The consortium has described the Monhegan offshore wind project as a pilot project, designed to test platform and turbine technologies as well as to assess project impacts on the ocean environment.

Pre-development of the Monhegan wind project has been taking place.  The project has faced challenges, including a lawsuit alleging that the Maine Department of Conservation wrongfully granted the project a permit to use the site.  Throughout, the DeepCWind Consortium has targeted project deployment and installation for the summer of 2012.

Now, project proponent Dr. Habib Dagher is quoted as saying that some permits are still pending for the Monhegan site, meaning the project cannot be deployed this summer.  2013 is the new target for project deployment.

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