December 14, 2010 - rain and flooding

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's wet in Maine!  Much of the state was soaked by rain in the last two days, with up to 4 inches falling in some areas.  In many places, this warm water fell on snowpack.  Melting added even more surface water, causing streams and rivers to rise.  Flooding has been reported throughout Maine, covering everything from the walking path along the Androscoggin River below NextEra's hydroelectric dam in Brunswick, to the overtopping of a dam on the Piscataquis Rive, road washouts and power outages.  The Bangor Daily News reports that flood water flowed into the boiler room at the True Textiles-Interface Fabrics Guilford of Maine manufacturing facility in Guilford.  On the Kennebec River, Gardiner anticipated flooding of parking lots and streets as well.

Maine is no stranger to rain and flooding, and for the most part can weather the storms.  Yet when it rains like this, it does make life more interesting for hydroelectric operators in the region.

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