Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Maine moves to ban the importation of out-of-state firewood for use in campfires, due to the threat of non-native invasive insect species moving into Maine through the firewood.

More residential weatherization money! Rep. Chellie Pingree held a workshop yesterday with Efficiency Maine and Maine State Housing Authority to -- yet again -- publicize weatherization programs. MSHA has about $34 million for low-income weatherization projects, and Efficiency Maine has $9 million in federal stimulus funds for all income levels.

An editorial in the Toledo Blade calls for Ohio to do more to attract solar energy manufacturers, noting that since 2000 Ohio has slipped from "global leader in solar energy" to 14th out of the United States in number of solar manufacturers.

Remember the huge underground coal mine fire that destroyed the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania? It's back in the news today. The state is moving to take the property within the town by eminent domain, apparently so it can sell the mineral (coal) rights to a mining company. Meanwhile, the few remaining residents are claiming fraud, namely that the underground fire isn't so dangerous and that their property should remain theirs.

International energy news: Senegal and Syria both want civilian nuclear power.

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